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But this smaller cigar won’t break the bank, and it is an excellent example of a mild-bodied cigar that’s still rich and complex. It starts with hay and buttery smoke, transitioning into earthiness and even a touch of pepper spice in its final third. Dominican Republic Dominican RepublicEcuadorian-grown Connecticut Nicholas Melillo, the founder of Foundation Cigar Company, hails from “the great state of Connecticut.” That means he has a great appreciation for the light-colored wrapper that bears the Connecticut name, and the creamy smoke it produces.

Creamy, with pepper, citrus, and leather. Nicaragua Brazil Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut An increase in the body of the cigar has a lot to do with with how its smoke feels in your mouth. “Is there an oiliness there? A richness?” Rogers asks. “Wine people call it mouthfeel, and it’s no different with cigars.” Medium cigars are what most people end up smoking — they’re a great middle ground.

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Flavors tend to be richer, the mouthfeel warmer and oilier. The smoke tends to be denser and richer,” Rogers says. “This is a fantastic box pressed cigar,” Rogers says, indicating its squared-off shape from quite literally being pressed into a box. It was designed to cater to the favored European profile — milder than Americans prefer — and named for the famous Champagne region.

Distinct floral notes give way to honey, coffee and cedar. Nicaragua Nicaragua Corojo, Nicaragua Founder Pete Johnson and master blender Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia are well respected for making cigars that consistently receive high scores from reviewers. The secret may be “Cuban-esque” flavors, stemming from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan-grown tobacco. More spice and pepper than other medium-bodied cigars, though it also features cocoa, sweet cream and cedar notes.

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But bigger cigars aren’t necessarily more intense: a larger size means more airflow and less density of the tobacco. Grassy and earthy, with subtle spice, mocha, woodiness, and a berry sweetness. Brazil Nicaragua, Dominican Republic Habano Padron is a beloved cigar-making institution, founded by Jose Orlando Padron, a Cuban refugee living in Miami, in 1964.

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Caramel sweetness, a cedar-y tang, and notes of black and cayenne pepper. Nicaragua Nicaragua Natural, Nicaragua $56+, pack of four While Ashton is generally thought of as an entry-level cigar, the ESG (Estate Sun Grown) jacks up the price tag. “Because of that high cost, it doesn’t get fair press,” Rogers says.

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Oily nuts, leather, earth and cedar, with a light, creamy smoke. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Sun-grown, Dominican Republic Full-bodied cigars can go in a few different directions, particularly, becoming spicy. “You can have a few different kinds of spice,” Rogers says. “A white pepper, black pepper, or even a cayenne pepper.” Those larger flavors can hold their own against a steak dinner or a peaty Scotch.

Strength is not flavor. When you smoke that cigar, you want the palate to be full of flavor. Rich, complex. That’s what makes a great full cigar — not the strength,” Rogers says. In 1998, the OpusX’s downfall was to cigar smokers’ benefit: After Hurricane Georges created a shortage of wrapper tobacco, the brand switched to Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper aged in Cognac barrels, and the Anejo was born.

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Cognac, oily sweetness, butter and nuts. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Connecticut Broadleaf aged in Cognac barrels, America Padron grows its own maduro wrappers rather than sourcing them, then wraps them around long-aged Nicaraguan binder and filler. The result is one of the most balanced full-bodied cigars around. A “barnyard” earthiness that gives way to cocoa sweetness and oily nuttiness.

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Its bold flavors are thanks in part to a sun-grown Ecuadorian wrapper that’s oily and rich. Cedar, espresso, and dark chocolate. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Sun-grown, Ecuador When it was released in 1995, the OpusX proved that Dominican-grown, Cuban-seed tobacco could be the best in the industry. Ever since its release, it’s been considered one of the best full-bodied cigars on the market, and is a collector’s favorite.

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